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E.g., 28/03/2017
E.g., 28/03/2017
24 March 2017
Researchers fleeing from war-torn countries shared stories of challenge and hope at a workshop on refugee scientists co-organised by TWAS.
20 March 2017
The fall armyworm is devastating African crops. At icipe, researchers are in discussion with various stakeholders in Eastern and Southern Africa to explore innovative ways to control the pest.
16 March 2017
A new event seeks to clarify how policymakers can help researchers
15 March 2017
At the opening of an international workshop on refugee scientists co-organised by TWAS, science and policy leaders described the scientists as a valuable resource.
9 March 2017
The venerable UK academy and the global academy that is focused on science in the South may look for ways to support African science.
8 March 2017
Scientists who have fled from lethal conflicts will join policymakers and the leaders of support programmes beginning 13 March in Trieste.
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