The TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists (2009-2011)
The Prize recognized young scientists in Africa whose research in computer science promises to have a positive impact in the developing world. Each year, three winners were selected from different countries on the continent. Each recipient received a 7,000-euro cash award generously contributed by Microsoft.
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Microsoft Research in partnership with TWAS and the African Academy of Sciences(AAS), has established the TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists to recognize young scientists working and living in Africa whose research in computer science has had, or could have had, a positive impact in the developing world.


  • Each year three winners were selected from three different African countries.
  • Each winner received EUR 7,000, of which EUR 2,000 could be spent at the recipient's discretion and EUR 5,000 could be earmarked for further research. Each prize also carried a certificate bearing a citation highlighting the major contributions for which the prize was awarded.
  • The prizes were presented to the recipients at a special ceremony held each year in Nairobi, Kenya, organized by TWAS and AAS.


  • Nominees could be any nationality, but must have been resident and working in Africa for at least the two years immediately prior to their nomination. Example: For the 31 July 2011 nomination deadline, nominees should have been resident in Africa since at least 1 August 2009.
  • Nominees must have received their most recent degree (Master's or Ph.D.) within the previous ten years.
  • Employees of TWAS, AAS and Microsoft Research as well as employees of other industry research laboratories and anyone involved in the administration of this award, were not eligible.


  • Nominations were invited from national science academies, previous winners, senior academics (heads of departments, heads of universities), members of TWAS and AAS, academics invited by Microsoft, etc.
  • Nominations of women scientists were particularly encouraged.

Selection Process

  • The selection process was administered by TWAS in collaboration with AAS. The assessment was based on past achievements in the field, rather than future plans, with the exception that where two candidates were deemed to be equal, the strength of proposed research programmes could be considered to select a winner.


TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists
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I-34151 Trieste, Italy
Phone: +39 040 2240-387/662

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