TWAS-ENEA Research Training Fellowships Programme
Postdoctoral researchers from science- and technology-lagging countries can visit research centres of ENEA in Italy to carry out research work in physics and technological research.
The call is closed
Hosting Countries
Eligible nationality
Minimum degree held
3-12 months
ENEA research areas
Age limit

TWAS and ENEA offer postdoctoral researchers from science- and technology-lagging countries with the opportunity to visit research centres of ENEA in Italy to carry out research work in their research areas (please see application form). The purpose of these fellowships is to enhance the research capacity of promising scientists, especially those at the beginning of their research career, helping them to foster links for further collaboration. ENEA, through TWAS, will cover travel expenses and provide subsistence costs for the stay in Italy. The administration and financial operation of TWAS is undertaken by UNESCO in accordance with an agreement signed by the two organizations.


  • Applicants must hold a PhD; preference is given to scientists who have obtained their PhD within the last five years at the time of the deadline.
  • Applicants must be nationals of science- and technology-lagging countries and hold a research position in science- and technology-lagging countries.
  • Applicants already on site in Italy are not eligible.
  • Women scientists are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Only applications in Physics and Technological Research will be considered.


Application and Selection Procedure

  • Fellowships are awarded by the Selection Committee on the basis of scientific merit.
  • Applications should be completed in English.
  • Applicants need to submit the complete application form duly signed and send it to the TWAS secretariat. Applications may be sent by email as long as pages with signatures are sent as scanned documents. Incomplete/unsigned applications will NOT be accepted. Material requested:
    1. the completed application form;
    2. copy of passport page giving personal details (even if expired);
    3. the applicant's curriculum vitae including a statement on interests and future plans with reference to sustainable development in the home country;
    4. full list of publications (do not enclose reprints of articles!);
    5. two letters of recommendation submitted separately to TWAS by referees who are familiar with the applicant's work.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 23 October 2017.

Other information

  • Applicants must provide evidence that they will return to their home country upon completion of their Fellowship.
  • Applications for part-time visits will be considered ineligible.
  • Incomplete/unsigned applications will not be accepted. Applications may be sent by email as attachments as long as pages with signatures are sent as scanned documents.
  • Successful applicants must not take up other assignments during the period of their TWAS-ENEA Research Training Fellowship.

Please be advised that applicants may apply for only one programme per calendar year in the TWAS and OWSD portfolio. Applicants will not be eligible to visit another institution in that year under the TWAS Visiting Professor programmes. One exception: the head of an institution who invites an external scholar to share his/her expertise under the TWAS Visiting Professor programmes may still apply for another programme.

Application doc(s): 
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