UNTB-TWAS-ICGEB: North-South Biotechnology Policy and Regulatory Science Training
E-Learning opportunities in technical elements of biotechnology policy, including training on biosafety regulation, are offered to regulators, governmental risk assessors, and technical experts in policies of least developed countries
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ICGEB, in collaboration with TWAS and through funds provided by the UNTBLDC, offers a programme of eLearning on technical elements under Biotechnology Policy, and includes Biosafety & Biosecurity, Biosafety Regulatory Frameworks, Socioeconomic Considerations, Risk Analysis, Containment & Confinement, Environmental Risk Assessment, and GM Food Safety (see https://showcase-icgeb.elearning.it/ for introductory videos). The content constitutes a blend of multimedia training materials, complete with exercises and tests, to ensure a sophisticated and robust interactive learning experience. The cohesive and comprehensive core curriculum encompasses key technical elements common to biosafety and biosecurity regulation. In this way, participants will be better placed to deal with regulatory issues arising now and in the future from products deriving from emerging and new biotechnologies.

Applicants need to submit the complete application form duly signed and send it to the TWAS Secretariat. Applications may be sent by email as long as pages with signatures are sent as scanned documents. Incomplete/unsigned applications will not be accepted.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 November 2021.

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