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TWAS Regional Awards
Each of the Academy's five regional offices provide an award of USD3,000 each year. The award rotate each year among the following four areas: popularization of science, development of scientific educational material, building scientific institutions and science diplomacy.
Partner Organizations
Eligible Nominees from
All developing countries
popularization of science, development of scientific educational material, building scientific institutions, science diplomacy
Age limit

Recipients of TWAS Regional Prizes

2018: TWAS Regional Prizes in Science Diplomacy

  • TWAS-LACREP – Hernán Chaimovich, Brazil
  • TWAS-CASAREP – Renu Swarup India
  • TWAS-AREP – Hala El-Khozondar, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
  • TWAS-SAREP – Thula Sizwe Dlamini, Swaziland
  • TWAS-SAPREP – Yang Min, China

2017: TWAS Regional Prizes in Public Understanding and Popularization of Science

  • TWAS-ROLAC – Julieta Fierro, Mexico
  • TWAS-ROCASA – Ulmas Mirsaidov, Tajikistan
  • TWAS-ARO – Abdelnasser Tawfik, Egypt
  • TWAS-ROSSA – Wilfred Fon Mbacham, Cameroon

2016: TWAS Regional Prizes in Building Scientific Institutions

  • TWAS-ROLAC - Pablo Valenzuela, Chile
  • TWAS-ROCASA - Eric Karunanayake, Sri Lanka
  • TWAS-ARO - Mohammed Shabat, Palestinian Aut. Terr.
  • TWAS-ROSSA - Glenda Gray, South Africa

2016: TWAS Regional Prize in Public Understanding and Popularization of Science

  • TWAS-ROESEAP - Dr. Zhong Qi, China

2015: TWAS Regional Prizes in Development of Scientific Educational Material

  • TWAS-ROLAC - Claudio Bifano, Venezuela
  • TWAS-ROCASA - Vijaya Shankar Varma, India
  • TWAS-ROESEAP - Choo Wai Heng, Malaysia
  • TWAS-ARO - Ramy Karam Aziz, Egypt
  • TWAS-ROSSA - Jan J.J.A. Smit, South Africa

2014: TWAS Regional Prizes in Science Diplomacy

  • TWAS-ROLAC Alberto Etchegoyen, Argentina
  • TWAS-ROCASA Dorairajan Balasubramanian, India
  • TWAS-ROESEAP Francois Nosten, Thailand
  • TWAS-ARO Mohamed Farag, Egypt
  • TWAS-ROSSA Peter Mugyenyi, Uganda


2013: TWAS Regional Prizes for Public Understanding and Popularization of Science
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Diego Golombek, Argentina
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Mohammad Shamsher Ali, Bangladesh
  • TWAS-ROESEAP: Custer Deocaris, Philippines
  • TWAS-ARO: Farid Badria, Egypt
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, South Africa


2012: TWAS Regional Prize for Building Scientific Institution
  • TWAS-ROESEAP: Yin Li, China
  • TWAS-ARO: Magdy Madkour, Egypt
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Charles Obadiah Wambebe, Nigeria
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Rogério Cerqueira Leite, Brazil
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Yousef Sobouti, Iran


2011: TWAS Regional Prize for Development of scientific educational material
  • TWAS-ROESEAP: Liu Changming, China
  • TWAS-ARO: Nadia Al Wardy, Sultanate of Oman
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Peet van Schalkwyk, South Africa
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Patricio Felmer, Chile
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Jayashree  Ramadas, India


2010: TWAS Regional Prizes for Public Understanding and Popularization of Science
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Arvind Gupta, India
  • TWAS-ROESEAP: Mahaletchumy Arujanan, Malaysia & Queena N. Lee-Chua, Philippines
  • TWAS-ARO: Elias Baydoun, Jordan
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Felix Konotey-Ahulu, Ghana
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Guillermo Chong Díaz, Chile


2009: TWAS Regional Prizes for Building Scientific Institution
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Atta-ur Rahman, Pakistan
  • TWAS-ROESEAP: WU Cheng-Wen, Taiwan, China
  • TWAS-ARO: Adnan Badran, Jordan
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Venansius Baryamureeba, Uganda
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Luiz Bevilacqua, Brazil


2008: TWAS Regional Prizes for Development of Educational Material and School Science Curricula
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Arvind Kumar, India
  • TWAS-ROESEAP: Peng Gong, China
  • TWAS-ARO: Saouma B.BouJaoude, Lebanon
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Moyra Keane, South Africa
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Carlos Bosch, Mexico


2007: TWAS Regional Prizes for Popularization of Science
  • TWAS-ROCASA: Pervez Hoodbhoy, Pakistan
  • TWAS-ARO: Adnan Hamoui, Kuwait
  • TWAS-ROSSA: Christina Scott, South Africa
  • TWAS-ROLAC: Roberto Lent, Brazil


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