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TWAS offers many PhD and postdoctoral fellowships specifically for scholars from developing countries. This is how they work.
Through its programmes focused on women scientists, TWAS contributes to activating their full scientific potential
Trieste institutions to gather in support of the 2024 International Day of Women and Girls in Science
The Sida-backed grants provide developing world scientists with much needed equipment and more
A TWAS-Sida grant gives scientists in Kenya and Bangladesh the means to work together on an environmentally friendly approach to tomato agriculture
The TWAS Young Affiliates Network is showing many signs of strong growth
Supported by a TWAS-Sida grant, Bangladeshi biochemist Ashrafi Hossain is analysing local maize varieties to find the most nutritious ones
CNPq-TWAS fellowship recipient Afonso Filipe João of Mozambique is fine tuning the 3D printing process to develop low-cost, sustainable uses
Through online sessions, applicants can improve their chances to be accepted to the ANSO-CAS-TWAS/UNESCO PhD scholarship in China
A TWAS-Sida maintenance grant restored lab conditions for about 300 students and 10 permanent researchers in Benin