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With the world’s largest South-South PhD and post-doctoral research fellowship programme, TWAS helps early-career researchers to gain education and experience at top global science institutions. TWAS currently has over 370 PhD fellowships with 9 partners in five countries, and over 120 postdoctoral fellowships with 10 partners in six countries.


As of 2017, the following fellowship programmes will be going online and to apply, candidates will need to submit a new online application form:

CSIR, India; DBT, India; CIIT, Pakistan and ICCBS, Pakistan.

Applications for these fellowship programmes will ONLY be accepted via the online portal.

These fellowships will open one at a time and not simultaneously as in the past! Please see the overview page for more specific dates.

For programmes not listed above, the application submission will continue as in the past.

Applicants should be aware that they can apply for only one fellowship per year from among the programmes offered by TWAS. 


The results for the 2017 CNPq-TWAS fellowships are available HERE, for both Doctoral and Postdoctoral resutls 

The results for the 2017 CAS-TWAS President's fellowships are available here:

The results for the 2017 (starting in 2018) NRF-TWAS Fellowships are available here: for doctoral results and for Postdoctoral results.


Click the links below to get an overview of all fellowship opportunities, both for postgraduates wishing to earn a PhD (PhD fellowships), and for those candidates interested in postdoctoral fellowships.

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