21 June 2021

The European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance kicks off

TWAS is among the global networking partners in a newly established European initiative that includes Using Science for/in Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges (S4D4C) and two historical partners in science diplomacy projects

Three projects funded by the European programme Horizon 2020 merged into a new joint initiative called European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance.

The Alliance is a legacy of the successful partnerships among the European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID); Using Science for/in Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges (S4D4C); and Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe (InsSciDE), and aims at fostering new opportunities of growth for science diplomacy and its closely related branches, such as diplomacy research, policy expertise, sustainable development and education.
The initiative was announced at the closing of the S4D4C Final Networking Meeting, in March 2021, and officially launched on 10 June. It features 16 organizations from EU and non-EU countries. TWAS is among the Alliance's networking partners and was an active partner of the S4D4C consortium: both shared the same goals, in particular about the use of science diplomacy to developing solutions for global challenges.

"After more than three years of working together under the framework of the Horizon 2020 research projects, the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance is the ideal instrument to ensure the sustainability of our results," said Elke Dall, Coordinator of the S4D4C project and outgoing Chair, who led the process of designing the architecture of the Alliance.

With several years of achievements and results obtained by the partner institutions, the Alliance is the ideal hub to coordinate a wide and heterogeneous international community, easing dialogue, promoting interactions and nurturing a science, technology and innovation diplomacy community in line with the present, challenging times. Events like online courses, summer schools and training will provide extra value to the whole initiative.

For more information please visit the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance website:

If you wish to join the Alliance, please visit:

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