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TWAS announces 2014 Prize winners

TWAS announces 2014 Prize winners

TWAS has announced the winners of the TWAS Prizes for 2014 at the Academy's 25th General Meeting in Muscat, Oman.

TWAS Prizes 2014 are awarded in nine fields: Agricultural Sciences; Biology; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Mathematics; Medical Sciences; Physics; and Social Sciences (called the TWAS-Celso Furtado Prize). This year, there are 11 prize winners: two from Argentina; four from China; three from Taiwan, China; one from India and one from Malaysia. The prize winners include two women.

Each TWAS Prize carries a cash award of USD15,000. The winners will lecture about their research at TWAS's 26th General Meeting in 2015, where they will also receive a plaque and the prize money.

Agricultural Sciences

ZHANG Fusuo of China, for establishing the principle and technology of integrated nutrient management in China that has helped enhance food production and nutrient use efficiency while reducing environmental damages nationwide.


Marcelo RUBINSTEIN of Argentina, for his significant contributions to the understanding of brain genes involved in appetitive behaviours, addiction and obesity using transgenic mouse technology.


XIE Yi of China, for her outstanding contribution in inorganic solid state chemistry at nanoscale, especially in inorganic functional solids with modulated electron and phonon structures.

Earth Sciences

CHUNG Sun-Lin of Taiwan, China, for his contribution to our understanding of continental tectonics and magma generation based on his studies from the roof of the world and neighbouring regions.

Engineering Sciences (shared)

  • Viswanathan KUMARAN of India, for his path-breaking and all-encompassing work on the laminar-turbulent transition of flow through soft-walled tubes and channels, including theoretical prediction, experimental discovery and demonstration of practical applicability.
  • LU Chih-Yuan of Taiwan, China, for his seminal scientific innovations and outstanding technical contributions in semiconductor device physics and semiconductor integrated circuits technology.


YUAN Yaxiang of China, for his contribution to numerical methods for nonlinear optimization, particularly to nonlinear conjugate gradient methods, trust region algorithms, quasi-Newton methods and subspace methods.

Medical Sciences (shared)

  • Irene Oi Lin NG of China, for her contribution to our understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of liver cancer based on her novel findings in liver cancer stem cells, cell signaling pathways and molecular pathology.
  • Tse Wen CHANG of Taiwan, China, for his invention and development of anti-IgE therapy (Xolair) used worldwide for treating severe persistent asthma untreatable with other medicine.


Daniel DE FLORIAN of Argentina, for his fundamental contribution to the understanding of Higgs Boson production at hadronic colliders.

TWAS-Celso Furtado Prize in Social Sciences

Rajah RASIAH of Malaysia, for his pioneering contribution to the concept and methodology of technological capabilities and establishing its relationship with economic development.