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TWAS launches online donation system

TWAS launches online donation system

Thanks to a new, easy-to-use online system, you can now donate to TWAS by credit card or through your PayPal account. It's smart, fast and secure – give it a try!

TWAS was founded for a vitally important mission: to build scientific strength in the developing world and, by doing so, to improve life for hundreds of millions of people. Today, TWAS's work is more important than ever – and contributions from friends and allies enable us to pursue this shared mission.

Now it's easier than ever to donate to TWAS through a new, fully secure link to PayPal. The link allows donors to contribute through a PayPal account or with a credit card. It's even possible to create an automatic monthly contribution.

Donors can choose to direct their contributions to TWAS programmes, where they will be used to support science education and training, science diplomacy workshops, and visiting scientist exchanges. Or they can contribute to the TWAS Endowment Fund, which will help to secure the Academy's long-term financial strength.

Of course, TWAS will continue to accept donations via wire transfer. For that choice, simply complete a declaration of intent and e-mail it to the TWAS Executive Director’s Office.

Over more than 30 years, TWAS has become synonymous with scientific excellence. We can point to success stories all over the world – but there is still so much important work to be done.

Scientific expertise is needed across the developing world to meet the challenges of food and water security, energy, health and climate change. Africa alone will need hundreds of thousands of new, highly educated scientists, engineers and technical workers in the decades ahead. And science diplomacy will be instrumental in building international partnerships and developing cross-border solutions that can address the profound challenges confronting people everywhere.

Donations from partners and friends who share our mission are a direct investment in building sustainable scientific skills and strength in countries that need it most.