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Dr. Samir ABBES Associate professor, Biology and Animal Physiology (Immuno-toxicology), University of Jendouba

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(+216- 98) 252 493
Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Beja (ISBB) – University of Jendouba – Habib Bourguiba Street – BP: 382; Beja 9000 – Tunisia
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Associate Professor
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Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Beja (ISBB) – University of Jendouba - Laboratory of Genetic, Biodiversity and Bio-ressources Valorization University of Monastir
Dr. Samir Abbès is an associate professor at the high institute of biotechnology of Béja (ISBB) Jendouba University (Tunisia). He earned his MSc in Environnemental Sciences in 2002 and his PhD in Biological Sciences in 2007 from Carthage University (Tunisia). He earned his Universitary habilitation certificate from Jendouba University in 2014. He is a member in the Laboratory of Genetic, Biodiversity and Bio-ressources Valorization. He was interested in the field of food mycotoxin-contamination and immuno-physiological effect of fungal toxin in animal and humain. In 10 January 2007, His dissertation subject is the use of bioactive compounds, clay mineral, probiotic bcteria as feed-additive against mycotoxin contaminated diet in order to prevent toxicity of livestock. He is now a partner and shareholder in research project, where He specialize in searching natural minerals, bio-molecules from plants and probiotic bacteria as a food/feed additive against mycotoxin toxicities in animals. Since he earned his PhD degree he published many publications in peer-review international journals. He have volunteered his time to supervisor many students and planning many projects.
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3 - Good health and well-being
13 - Climate action
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food/feed additive; mycotoxins; immuno-physiological; prevention
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04-Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences
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TWAS Arab Regional Partner (TWAS-AREP)
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