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Principal Investigator Biosaline Research at Karachi University
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Karachi University
Ahmad (PhD, OSU) is Principal Investigator of Biosaline Research Projects since retiring as Professor of Botany and Dean, Faculty of Sciences, U. of Karachi. He has been awarded certificates of appreciation for research from the USDA in 1987; US AID, 1990; BOSTID-Natl. Acad. of Sciences, USA, 1994, CSIRO Australia, 1996 and Univ. of Karachi. He was president of the Pakistan Botanical Society from 1968-1970; Regional Director of Halophyte Biotechnology Center, U. of Delaware, 1995; and member of the Expert Committee for Establishment of the Intl. Center of Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai, UAE, up to 1990. He is currently a member of the Pakistan Acad. of Sciences and was elected as Secretary and Vice-President of PAS, Sind Chapter (2000-2004). He has been presented a shield for achievements and contribution in the field of Botany by faculty members of the U. of Karachi, 2014. He was most recently awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th International and 15th National Botanical Conference at Sardar Bahadur Khan University of Quetta (2017). His research work is concerned mostly with afforestation and agriculture at sandy deserts using saline water in irrigation.
Salt tolerant plant, Afforestation and Agriculture under Arid/Saline Environment
01-Agricultural Sciences
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