Olubukola Oluranti
Current position: 
Professor and Research Director
Current nationality: 
South Africa
Current residence: 
South Africa
North-West University
Babalola (Professional Natural Scientist), a National Research Foundation rated scientist, graduated at North-West University (NWU) Business School, South Africa. After a PhD in microbiology with Visiting Research Fellowship of Intl. Inst. of Tropical Agriculture and PhD Fellowships of OWSD, she had postdoctoral experiences at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and University of the Western Cape, South Africa. She has over 20 years of research experience in soil-plant microbes interactions focusing on rhizosphere metagenomics. She is the vice-president of OWSD (Africa region), a research director and principal investigator at NWU, a member of the editorial board for BMC Microbiology (Elsevier) and Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports (Elsevier). Her team received the GenderInSITE Gendered Innovations in Africa award (2020), among other awards. Passionate about capacity building, she joined NWU in 2009, where she has graduated 21 PhD, 20 Master's degree, and many Honors students. She authored ~200 publications. In 2018, she delivered her professorial inaugural lecture. She holds over 40 professional certificates and is a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa.
Sustainable Development Goals: 
2 - Zero hunger
5 - Gender equality
10 - Reduced inequality
Soil metagenomics, Sequencing, Rhizosphere, PGPR, Bioinformatics, Biofertilizer, Agricultural Microbiology
Place of Birth: 
Country of birth: 
03-Biological Systems and Organisms
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