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Muhammad Iqbal
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Choudhary is an eminent bioorganic chemist and Director of the Intl. Center for Chem. and Biol. Scs.. He has 962 res. pubs. with an impact factor 1646, citations 9,447 and h index 38. His work bridges the gap between structures of new chem. constituents and their pharm. properties. He is distinguished for his pioneering work in discovering hundreds of new molecular entities and their role in the treatment of various diseases. His has discovered the most potent anti-epileptic and anti-leishmanial compounds, which completed phase-1 clinical trials. His research in the field of enzyme inhibition has led to advances at fundamental level, exploring the potential of enzyme inhibition based therapeutics. He established several research centres in Pakistan and helped to set up research units in Africa, South and Central Asia. He trained hundreds of foreign researchers, including women scholars.
05-Chemical Sciences
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