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Abdallah Salim Said
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Daar is Prof. of clinical pub. health/global health/surgery at the Univ. of Toronto (UofT). He is member of UN Sec General's Sci Adv Brd. Went to med such in Uganda and London and obtained his PHD (DPhil) in transplant immunology/immunogenetics at Oxford U. In the Middle East, he helped start two med. schools. He has recently been found. chair, Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (2009-11) and was chair, Adv. Board, UN Univ. Intl. Inst. for Global Health. He was member, UNESCO Intl. Bioethics Comm. He holds the world record for performing the youngest cadaveric donor kidney transplant. His awards include UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science, Hunterian Prof., Roy Col. Surgeons and Anthony Miller Prize for Research Excellence at UofT. He chairs the Sci and Strategic Adv Brd of AESA. His current research studies how to avoid knowledge divides and the exploration of how genomics and other biotechnologies can be used effectively to ameliorate global health inequities.
04-Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences
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