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Mariana Garcia Prince

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Febres Cordero
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Visiting professor
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University of Freiburg
Dr. Febres Cordero and collaborators have been able to produce efficient and numerically stable techniques based on unitarity and on-shell ideas to push well beyond the capabilities of Feynman diagram's techniques, reaching for example up to 6 objects in the final state for key processes in the search for new physics, like W+5 jet production. In the process they have constructed computer libraries, dubbed BlackHat, which are open to the High Energy Physics Community and that can be used for all kinds of phenomenology. The major collaborations in the field (like ATLAS and CMS) have worked with results associated to these results. Dr. Febres Cordero has also worked very hard with the Venezuelan Academy of Science in the creation of the Venezuelan Young Scientist Network. This working group of the Venezuelan Academy aims to gather all Venezuelan Young Scientists to promote their work and to empower and mobilize young scientists through meetings, specialized working groups and virtual networking. Febres Cordero has been the organizer of the very successful First Venezuelan Young Scientists Meeting (December 2010) and the Second Venezuelan Young Scientists Meeting (December 2012).
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TWAS Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Partner (TWAS-LACREP)
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