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Jamshidi is LB Endowed chaired prof. of ECE and dir., ACE Lab., U. of Texas, San Antonio, regents prof. em., U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque and hon. prof., Birmingham U. (UK) 2012-2017. He was adv., NASA, and sr. res. adv., US Air Force Res. Lab and US DOE. Awards include: IEEE's Norbert Wiener Res. Award; Centennial Medal; CSS Dist. Member Awd., and IEEE-USA Sys Engr. Awd.; member, 5 honor societies; Best Res. Awd., Min. of Sci. and Higher Ed., Iran; Edison Natl. Res. Awd., Min. of Energy, Iran; Dist. Res. of the Year, UNM College of Eng.; and 3 hon. doctorates from u. in Azerbaijan, Canada and Greece. NASA Natl. service awd.. His membership includes: fellow of IEEE, ASME, NYAS, AAAS; assoc. fellow, AIAA; Hungarian Acad. of Eng.; Russian Acad. Nonlinear Sci.; U. of Texas System Chancellor’s Council (2011-). He has published 730 pieces of work including 68 books, some translated into Russian, Mandarin among others.
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