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Prof. Dr. Haikel Jelassi is an associate professor of physics in the National Centre for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (CNSTN) in Tunisia. After obtaining the BSc degree in physics in Tunis, he obtained his master diploma in atomic physics and lasers in 2003, and then his PhD in 2007 from the University Of Paris XI. He obtained its supervising diploma from the University of Tunis El Manar, in 2014. In 2015, he became an associate professor in nuclear and atomic physics. Jelassi is interested in many research fields in fundamental as well in applied physics. He's interested also in the research reactors and plasma Tokomak reactors. He has authored more than 24 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as one patent. He has supervised two PhD students and four undergraduate students. He's also active through the Tunisian Physical Society, where he acts as a member of the national board. He organized several conferences and workshops probing several scoop for the North African and Arab regions. Prof Jelassi is a member of four editorial boards of two journals of physics. He's regularly invited to review papers for publications in peer-reviewed journals.
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