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Taiwan, China
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Taiwan, China
Lee received a PhD degree from Caltech in 1975. He specializes in space and plasma physics. Before 1995, he performed research at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, U. of Maryland and U. of Alaska. Upon returning to Taiwan in 1995, Lee served as the Dean of the College of Science, National Cheng Kung U., Director of National Space Program Office, founding President of the Natl. Applied Research Laboratories, President of Natl. Central University, and Minister of National Science Council. He is a distinguished research fellow of the Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica. Lee's honours include the Fulbright Distinguished Scholar, the Presidential Science Prize in Taiwan, Academician of Academia Sinica, Elected Member of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and International Academy of Engineering, Russian Academy of Engineering (IAE).
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