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Batmanathan Dayanand
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South Africa
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South Africa
Reddy holds the South African Research Chair in Computational Mechanics at the U. of Cape Town. He obtained his BSc in Engineering from the U. of Cape Town and PhD from the U. of Cambridge. He has been an academic staff member at the U. of Cape Town since 1979, and served as dean of the Fac. of Science over the period 1999-2005. He is a fellow of the African Acad. of Sciences, a member of the Acad. of Science of South Africa and the South African Acad. of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Internatl. Assn. of Computational Mechanics. He is a recipient of the Order of Mapungubwe (Bronze), awarded by the President of South Africa for distinguished contributions to science, and of the Georg Forster Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Reddy is currently President of the Acad. of Science of South Africa, and President-elect of the Internatl. Council for Science (ICSU).
08-Mathematical Sciences
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