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Abdul Rauf
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Shakoori is professor emeritus, dist. natl. prof. and director, School of Biological Sciences, U. of the Punjab, Lahore and prof. of cell biology at the U. of Massachusetts Medical Centre, Worcester. He obtained his Dr.rer.nat. from the U. of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, 1972. He has been co-dir., Centre of Advanced Mol. Biology, and chair. of the dpts. of zoology and microbiology and molecular genetics at the U. of the Punjab. He was awarded Pakistan's Highest Academic Award, Aizaz-i-Kamal; Dist. Scientist of the Year Award 2011 in Zoology, Pakistan Acad. of Sciences; the Civil Award Tamgha-i-Imtiaz and Scientist of the Year Award by the Min. of Ed., Pakistan. He has been a senior Fulbright fellow, senior DAAD fellow and obtained a fellowship from the Royal Soc. (1999). He is fellow of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences and life fellow and pres. of the Zoological Society of Pakistan (2002-2006).He received Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Excellence Award in Science & Technology in 2012
02-Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
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