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Scientific researcher
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Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Azzaya Tumendelger received her Ph.D degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan,in 2014. During her doctoral fellow period, she revealed production and consumption mechanisms of nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas, emitted during wastewater treatment system using stable isotopic analysis.Because of her expertise in studying emission process of greenhouse gas, Dr. Tumendelger was invited by Environmental Physics group at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany, in 2015-2016.At this time, her work concentrated on elucidation of CH4 and N2O dynamics in either WWTPs with different operations or surrounding streams located in south Germany. She estimated the emission factors of both CH4 and N2O and this was contributed to estimation of total GHGs emission from that regional area.Except doctoral topic, her research focus is on the treatment of contaminated water by heavy metals caused by mining activities, hydrometallurgical processing of natural ore containing precious and rare earth elements.She received several grants from local and international agencies in the past.
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8 - Decent work and economic growth
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11 - Sustainable cities and communities
13 - Climate action
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05-Chemical Sciences
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TWAS East and South-East Asia and the Pacific Regional Partner (TWAS-SAPREP)
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