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Former World Bank Chief Economist Justin Yifu Lin visits TWAS with an economic message
TWAS is currently seeking hosts for its next two capstone international gatherings of developing world science
Nature Correspondence: TYAN Chair Franco Cabrerizo urges more scientific training in the global South
Leaders of teams that won TWAS-Elsevier Foundation grants gather for hybrid workshop in Trieste to gain essential training and practice team-building techniques
An UNTBLDC-TWAS-ICGEB programme allows early-career scientists from LDCs to experience international mobility and participate in collaborative projects before returning home
A two-day workshop organised by TWAS and the Elsevier Foundation will focus on how to make sure projects produce tangible change

The African country is increasing collaboration with Trieste-based international institutes to position itself as the continent’s next biotechnology hub

AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy Course alumni are now part of the fast-growing field, influencing policy and educating new science diplomats
With the skills acquired thanks to a TWAS-SISSA-Lincei programme, Nepalese biochemist Pragati Pradhan aims to boost local agriculture