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Call for Expression of Interest to host the TWAS General Conference in 2024 or 2026

Call for Expression of Interest to host the TWAS General Conference in 2024 or 2026

TWAS is currently seeking hosts for its next two capstone international gatherings of developing world science
2018 TWAS General Meeting
A scene from the 14th TWAS General Conference held in Trieste, Italy, in November 2018. [Photo: P. di Bella]

TWAS General Conferences are showcases for scientific excellence in the developing world, and share an overarching theme: the importance of scientific research to human prosperity.

The conferences convene elite and promising early-career scientists from the global South,  government science ministers, Nobel laureates, and presidents of universities and science academies. High-ranking government officials—such as, in past years, the Heads of State of China, India, Rwanda, Senegal, Austria and Iran—often address the gatherings.

They take place every two years and are composed of:

  • a closed General Meeting of TWAS Fellows and Young Affiliates to discuss Academy matters; and
  • a major conference unfolding with an opening ceremony, presentation of awards, keynote lectures by Nobel Laureates and/or high-level experts, scientific symposia, ministerial sessions and award lectures

TWAS was founded in 1983 and officially inaugurated in 1985. The 17th General Conference, which is scheduled to take place in autumn 2024 and will last 4–5 days, will be one of the key events of the TWAS 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Hosting the TWAS General Conference will give scientists in the host country an opportunity to show the scientific work they are undertaking to an international audience of accomplished peers.

The deadline to submit interest is 31 August 2023. See more details and check the model of expression of interest in the linked document.