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TWAS announces new slate of award winners

TWAS announces new slate of award winners

Honours awarded by TWAS and its partners are among the most prestigious given for research in the developing world. They recognize outstanding achievements and contributions to science, and acknowledge the best work of scientists from the global South.

2020 TWAS Lenovo Science Award (shared):

  • Mariangela HUNGRIA, Female, from Brazil
    For her outstanding research with microorganisms, contributing to the replacement of chemical fertilizers, with economic, environment and social impacts.
  • LI Jiayang, FTWAS, Male, from China
    For his seminal contribution to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying high-yield superior-quality traits and breeding elite rice varieties.


2022 TWAS Awards

Agricultural Sciences:
  • XIE Daoxin, Male, from China
    For his fundamental contribution to the mechanistic understanding of how plants sense two important hormones jasmonate and strigolactone to regulate plant defense and development.
  • CHEN Ruey-Hwa, Female, from Taiwan, China
    For her significant contribution to the understanding of cell signaling and protein posttranslational modifications in controlling cancer progression, cell death, and autophagy.
Chemistry (shared):
  • CHEN Chunying, Female, from China
    For her pioneering contributions to Nano-Bio Interface and the fate of nanomaterials in biota that provided fundamental insights for rational design of precision nanomedicine.
  • Engin Umut AKKAYA, Male, from Turkey
    For his fundamental contribution to the understanding of how inherent limitations of photodynamic therapy can be overcome.
Earth, Astronomy and Space Sciences (shared):
  • IP Wing-Huen, Male, from Taiwan, China
    For pioneering dynamical models of orbital migration of the outer planets during solar system formation and of cometary ionospheres and satellite-magnetosphere interaction.
  • Laurent Raymond LOINARD, Male, from Mexico
    For his contribution to the study of star-formation and the environment of black holes using very long baseline interferometry.
Engineering Sciences:
  • Mohamed-Slim ALOUINI, Male, from Saudi Arabia (nationality: Tunisia)
    For his contribution to the development of modern wireless communication networks as well as teaching, education, and mentoring in telecommunication engineering.
  • Helena Judith NUSSENZVEIG LOPES, Female, from Brazil
    For her contribution to the rigorous mathematical analysis of incompressible fluid flow models at or near turbulent regimes.
Medical Sciences (Shared):
  • SONG Erwei, Male, from China
    For his contribution to the understanding of the mechanisms of tumor plasticity regulated by ncRNAs and tumor microenvironment (TME), and significantly contributed to TME-targeted therapies in cancer treatment.
  • Hugo D. LUJAN, Male, from Argentina
    For his studies on the molecular mechanisms of parasite adaptation and differentiation, using Giardia lamblia as a model system.
  • María Teresa DOVA, Female, from Argentina
    For her work on Higgs boson discovery and its characterisation and search for New Physics.
Social Sciences (Shared):
  • LIU Junguo, Male, from China
    For his fundamental contribution to policy relevant studies on water resources, climate change mitigation, and environmental management in China and other developing countries.
  • Irasema ALCANTARA-AYALA, Female, from Mexico
    For her outstanding  contribution to integrated disaster risk research and commitment to develop trans-disciplinary, multi-sectorial partnerships for disaster risk reduction in the developing world.


2020 TWAS-CNR Rao Award:

  • Raoelina ANDRIAMBOLOLONA, FTWAS, Male, from Madagascar
    For his development of peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, both in Madagascar and in Africa.

2020 TWAS - Mohammad A. Hamdan Award:

  • Abdon ATANGANA, Male, from South Africa (nationality: Cameroon)
    For his contribution to fractal mathematics and partial differential equations.


2020 TWAS-CAS Young Scientist Award for Frontier Science in Physical Sciences:

  • Parameswaran AJITH, Male, India
    For his pioneering contributions to the development of phenomenological models of gravitational-wave signals from coalescing binary black holes.

2020 TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award:

  • Basant GIRI, Male, from Nepal
    For his outstanding work on the development of low-cost analytical tools for biological, chemical, environmental, and clinical applications.


2022 TWAS Siwei Cheng Award in Economic Sciences

  • Menale KASSIE , Male from Kenya (nationality: Ethiopia)
    For advancing our understanding of the process and impacts of multiple-technology adoption in complex social and agricultural environments in sub-Saharan Africa.


2020 TWAS-Samira Omar Innovation for Sustainability Award:

  • Badabate DIWEDIGA, Male, from Togo
    For promoting sustainable land management towards agricultural innovation, rural transformation, and climate change mitigation in Africa.


2020 TWAS-Fayzah M. Al-Kharafi Award:

  • Meththika Suharshini VITHANAGE, Female, from Sri Lanka
    For her work on environmental remediation of toxic metals, antibiotics, agrochemicals, serpentine soil chemistry, and waste biomass conversion.

2020 TWAS-Abdool Karim Award:

  • Faith Hope Amongin OSIER, Female, Kenya
    For her contribution to understanding the mechanisms of acquired immunity against Falciparum malaria in humans.