1 September 2013

Training courses in food biotechnology

The CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology is inviting well-established scientists in the field from developing countries to participate in a series of training courses on food fermentation and biotechnology. Nominations for this year are due by 20 September.

The goal is to spread important new knowledge to the developing world and stimulate related research and development there. The series of courses will take place over three years. This year will feature classical biotechnology and genomics for new and improved food products, and will take place between 29 November and 5 December in Beijing, China. In 2014, the focus will be on modern biotechnology and synthetic biology, and in 2015 on new food products based on local produce. All instruction takes place in English.

The CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology will cover airfare and local accommodations for up to 30 participants from developing countries.

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