6 July 2012

SRMGI in Africa

A workshop held in Dakar, Senegal, on 27 June - under the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) - gave African scientists an opportunity to learn about the issues and join the discussion.

The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) is a project co-convened by TWAS, the Royal Society (UK), and the Environment Defense Fund (USA).

Thanks to funding from IAP, the global network of science academies, under its 'Science Communication' programme, these three partners have joined forces with the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) to organize a series of workshops and discussions around the geoengineering debate, with a focus on issues relating to the more controversial aspect of geoengineering - that of solar radiation management.

The first workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal, on 27 June 2012, and was hosted by the Senegalese National Academy of Science & Technology (ANSTS).

A short report is available here.

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