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The world can achieve big success only through global cooperation, was the unanimous message of TWAS Council Members at Trieste Next’s TWAS round table
Essay details a Bolivian scientist’s journey from motherhood to eco-toxicology
TWAS President Quarraisha Abdool Karim speaks on the importance of science to an audience including local schoolchildren at this year’s Trieste Next festival
Research Professors in LDCs, Associateship programmes are now accepting candidates and proposals
Four women from the global South receive honours from the Academy for standout research
With his smartphone application, SG-NAPI awardee Kadeghe Goodluck Fue of Tanzania provides farmers with timely indications on irrigation and fertilization
Institutions in developing countries encouraged to take part in international project to test water samples for mercury and chloride
The UN Day for South-South Cooperation celebrates a spirit of partnership for the greater good of all
In his PhD thesis, Pakistani CNPq-TWAS PhD student Arshad Jalal explored how to make common crops healthier, and received recognition from the international, peer-reviewed Plants journal
Inspired by the 2023 AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy course, Nazma Ashrafi and Noor Shaila Sarmin from Bangladesh plan to use science diplomacy to support local policymakers as they focus harder on the environment