Science Diplomacy

Humanity's greatest challenges – and some of its most promising opportunities – are regional and global. Increasingly, the world requires effective partnerships between scientists, policymakers and diplomats.

Science diplomacy takes many forms: When nations come together to negotiate cooperative agreements on fisheries management or infectious disease monitoring, they need scientific expertise. When scientists come together for complex multi-national projects in astronomy or physics, their nations devise diplomatic agreements on management and financing. And when political relations between two nations are strained or broken, joint research efforts can give them a way to keep talking – and to build trust. Today, the need for science diplomacy is growing. In collaboration with a growing number of partners, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), TWAS's science diplomacy activities include lectures, workshops, courses and prizes aimed at building bridges between the worlds of science and diplomacy.


Nazma Ashrafi and Noor Sharma Sarmin
Inspired by the 2023 AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy course, Nazma Ashrafi and Noor Shaila Sarmin from Bangladesh plan to use science diplomacy to support local policymakers as they focus harder on the…
Fernanda De Oliveira Lana explains why science diplomacy is essential.
In a new short video, Fernanda De Oliveira Lana explains why science diplomacy is essential
Participants in the 10th AAAS-TWAS Course on Science Diplomacy. (Photo: G. Ortolani/TWAS)
Over two dozen scientists and policy specialists gather at TWAS headquarters in Italy to learn about and engage with the fast-growing field
10th AAAS-TWAS Course on Science Diplomacy
Watch the new video and discover how science diplomacy can create pathways to cooperation
2023 AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy Course - Group photo
On 20-23 June 2023, ‘participant pairs’ will meet in Trieste, Italy, to learn how to build bridges between the worlds of science and diplomacy.
Sengphachanh Sonethavixay at work in the field
AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy Course alumni are now part of the fast-growing field, influencing policy and educating new science diplomats
Yusuf Baran testing one of the fountains he had installed on Izmir Institute of Technology campus, in Türkiye. (Photo: Yusuf Baran)
Turkish Professor Yusuf Baran has launched and implemented eco-friendly initiatives at the Izmir Institute of Technology
During the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science-TWAS science diplomacy course students tested their diplomatic skills in simulation exercises

You can find an overview of past activities here.



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The Academy will host developing-world scientists and IPCC experts in Trieste this week for training workshop
All you need to know about the fast-growing science diplomacy field, as well as how to become more involved
Scientists and policymakers can apply to attend an in-person course in Trieste on the intersection of science and diplomacy

Former Mauritius President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim speaks at AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy Course
The ninth American Association for the Advancement of Science-TWAS virtual course on science diplomacy is close to its start
A key TWAS Committee advocates for better regional genomic surveillance networks in the global South, in the section "Correspondence" of the scientific journal Nature
UNESCO-TWAS takes part in science diplomacy round table
Annual Science Diplomacy Course introduces key skills in an uncertain world
TWAS is among the event’s joint organisers, and will take part in an event focused on displaced scientists.
Experienced Austrian diplomat Clemens Mantl urged holistic approach to science diplomacy in an S4D4C talk at TWAS.